Two weeks ago, I finished the A1 level of German language learning at the Anglo-German Institute in Stuttgart. That’s about 8 weeks, or 38 days, or 161.5 hours of intensive German learning! With half of each weekday filled with German class, and the other half surrounded by German speakers, German signs, and... well, Germany, it's no surprise my German understanding has completely taken off!

If you've known me for any number of years, you know that I am a reader. I always have been and I probably always will be! There are even photos of me as a toddler sitting at the foot of my bookshelf with the shelves bare and the books all around me - discarded on the floor after I'd finished reading them. My mom also tells

My First 40-ish Days

Posted on October 16, 2017

So, you might have caught on to something along these lines, but as of today, October 16th, I’ve been living here in Stuttgart for 42 days! Before I left the States, I didn’t really have a clear idea for what this first month or so living in Germany would be like. I anticipated new sights, sounds and smells, and I knew overall what being in Germany felt like, from the times I had visited,

Thoughts on Starting a Blog

Posted on October 12, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog as being hypothetical.

“Hypothetically, if I were to start a blog, what would I write about?”

“Hypothetically, if I were to start a blog, would I post something about this?”

“Hypothetically, if I were to start a blog, would anyone be interested in what I would write?”

It’s been hard for me to

I’m Abby Chamness: a graphic designer, illustrator, sometimes writer, dog-lover, mug-collector, and serial cookbook-reader from Seattle, Washington, but currently based in Stuttgart, Germany!